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Decoding and determining meaningful communication from a Ghost Box.

October 06th, 2011 by Arwin John.


Among the questions I often get asked is how to determine what is the actual communication coming through the ghost box and what is just radio noise.  This question seems to be the most popular question often asked by many and yet I have found any proper article’s related on the topic that is substantive and credible enough.  Therefore, I’m writing this article and hoping it will aid you and help you in determining to decode the communication that comes from a ghost box and not radio noise.

Firstly, let me consider the basic 3 types of things you will face while conducting a ghost box session.

1.) Broadcast fragments  – Firstly, the communication from the other side is not only present but represent sentence
attempting to communicate verbally with the living. But often times you will hear the fragments of radio station bleeding
through and you will mostly hear sound of signing, songs and much more even representing weather news report as well and other possibly stations based on which part of the country you live.

2.) Single words – In order to determine the single words that you get from a ghost box, you need to determine a meaningful communication.

For example : You have to ask a question and your response should correspond with your question, and not by simply saying every single word that pops out from the ghost box as the spirit voice due to no backup to correlate the data that represent the answer according to your question.

Below is a credible and valid ghost box session:


For example :

Investigator : Do you know what is my name ?

Ghost box : Arwin

Investigator : Are you still there ?

Ghost Box : Yes


Above is a example of real time direct response. Meaningful communication can lend and back you up with lot of credence to a single word communication when they extend past single responses. It’s a call and response type of communication and these are considered among the best communications that we receive. Though the response is a single word, they happen to be direct answer and with direct answer, there is the evidence. Back and forth response presents even stronger evidence. There are also times, when a ghost box calls out names of the ghost box user as well other people’s that present during your investigation. They are in fact amazing and astounding. My name have been called out so many times and I am very used to it as I also use it as a tester to test the spirits if they know who I am and to valid the session by calling out my name as a approval.

Most of the times I conduct a solo investigation and there are also times when i have a friend following me to a location for investigation, their name is  also called out as well which happens almost all the time.

The name ” tech guy ” is also very intriguing. I have a gentleman by the name of ” Jack ” and gentlewomen by the name of ” Alice ” who has been with me since I started the ghost box communication and often aid me as a middle person facilitator to find someone I want to talk to or simply let me know of their presence that they are available to talk to. When you have personally used a ghost box long enough to hear a name is uttered repeatedly, in the same voice especially in several locations, then I consider that to be a evidence.

Simply putting the single word response as evidence of the ghost box communication cannot be presented as evidence unless you follow the protocols that I stated above to be put in place to judge if it has any meaning to it. Evidence should always be presented in context with the communication surrounding it or else it can’t be judged as something meaningful or as evidence.

Unfortunately, these means that all clips of ” Hi ” ” hello ” are to be necessarily pointed worthless, unless it says something like
Hi ( insert your name here ).

This strict protocol to one word communication value also rules out attention grabbing words like ” help “, “ghost “, or ” dead “. To ensure that these words have value, they must be heard first hand in real time and the investigator must make a attempt to implement them in a question to validate the words to get a another response which is to determine the validity. Without this follow up conversation and response from the ghost box, meaningful communication for single cannot occur and it must be ruled out as broadcast fragments.

3.) Foreign language

I do believe that others who are of all nationalities, there must be some that communicate with us who doesn’t speak English as a primary native language. Do consider that all thought it language. Everything around you is defined by language. Everything you see is defined by language and all thoughts are language as well. The universal language i would say. You think, feel and even dream in language.

4.) Broken language

If you received broken language communication such as ” Here voice Jack “, then it needs to be dismissed unless all of the words are spoken with the same tone of voice, otherwise it could simply be words forming a statement from several radio broadcast fragments.  But if all words are in the same voice tone, then it shows how a communication can be perceived by our ears as being syntactically wrong possibly due to etheric translation.

At times I am unable to define in the slightest, I will call and ehteric translator.

5.) Fragmented sentences

This is a very common type of communication and is easily dismissed as radio broadcast fragments. The problems of such sentence is that they are fragmented. There are uncountable posts on the ghost box forums and websites that consist of fragmented sentences that are nothing more than radio broadcasts.  One of the best ways to determine if the communication in question is a stray radio broadcast fragment is to examine the fragment itself.

Reason you conducted session with this set’s of question to validate your recordings.

- Is the voice cleared than other ghost box communications during the session ? Than it’s probably not a meaningful communication

- Did the fragment in question have anything to do with a question you had asked or any response you have heard real time ? if not, there its probably
not a meaningful communication.

- Does the fragment come across with the same pitch, tone and timbre from to beginning till the end ? There it is probably not a meaningful communication.

With that being said, there also times where meaningful communication is received through a fragmented sentence. Sometimes a voice in the middle of a communication, or only a few words come through. The more you practice, the more the ability is developed.  There could be possible psychical connection that exist between the communicator and the other-side, which therefore the fragmented communication is problematic. Because of the physical bridge that exist, there could be times with stronger and faster response rate than to slow response and fragmented communication.

Presenting Evidence Scientifically

Firstly, we can never able to present our evidence scientifically because there are too many uncontrollable variables, and the same communication can never be repeated or duplicated.

The least we can do when presenting the evidence is we should attempt to present it within the context and protocols. All communications that are valid, based on my personal experience tend to come in waves of communication the surrounding audio but is often missed. Presenting a word is worthless without surrounding context because it have the possibility of being considered as a broadcast fragment.

Conclusion : Evidence should be presented as meaningful communication following the sets of protocol’s within the context is the best evidence.




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