Our Mission

The main aim of The Malaysian Paranormal  Research is to share the documentation through research about the existence of life after death. Our mission is to share information and/ or to help change the perception of peoples’ narrow view about this mysterious world, through scientific research methods using a digital camera, video and audio recording


About Our Research

The Malaysian Paranormal Research collection of non-dust Ghost Orbs, Ecto, Human Shaped Apparitional Ghost Photos, Ghost videos and EVPs is one of the largest collection online in Malaysia . The collection mostly comes from the solo investigations by a  professional ghost researcher and from our professional sub-team investigators based in Ipoh, Perak. The dust orb found on this site is only for comparison purposes.


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Research Standards and Protocols.



These standards and protocols are the basic guidelines for a beginner in paranormal and ghost research to eliminate the common errors by most beginners. Furthermore, these Paranormal and ghost research standards and protocols are based on the Malaysian Paranormal Research experienced and the International Ghost Hunters Society Standards and Protocols to ensure professionalism in Paranormal Investigation and ghost research.


We research the unknown with respect and kindness, and touch souls  with love and humility.



What should you do:


1. Equipments.


  • Make sure you clean your camera's lens before and after a paranormal investigation.

  • Bring only all the necessary equipments during a paranormal investigation. Remember, not the advances of your gadgets that determine your success but YOU.

  • Remove or wear the camera strap so it does not hang loose.

  • Take photos of dust particles, pollen, moisture droplets to see how your camera records these kinds of orbs.


    2. Personal / Group Manners Standard.


  • Calm yourself and put your focus only to your investigation.

  • Wear a cap if you have a long hair.

  • If someone is angry, they should not be involved with an investigation. They will draw angry spirits and the other spirits will avoid them.

  • Always have an open mind during a paranormal investigation and ghost research.

  • Do not bring along skeptics or those who are negative or want proof that ghosts exist.

    1. If you sense strange activity or feel like being threaten then just stop a while you may have trespass someone's private area or you may near a portal. Calm your self, tell the spirit who you are and your purpose there. Start you line with "Forgive me for..." Always remember we are not invited to be there but we are actually intruding someone's private home so be respectful to the owner.

    2. Release your self from daily life problems to ensure 100% focus only for the investigation


    3. At The Field of Investigation.


  • Avoid to make noise too much during the investigation.

  • When you reach at the field of investigation greets the spirit and tell them who you are and your purpose.

  • Start your investigation only after 10-15 minutes from the time you reach the place.

  • Before you start your investigation ask the spirits of the dead for permission to take their photos, record their voices or to perform video recording.

  • Respect posted property, ask permission, and do not trespass.

  • Always conduct your investigations in a professional manner.

  • Show reverence and respect all the time in cemeteries, battlefields, historic sites, etc.

  • No running or horse play in cemeteries or historical sites.

  • Video recording must only be done with a tripod and after 20 minutes stop the recording and go to another area.

  • Whenever you start a new recording at a new area always treats it as a new fresh investigation. Your are required to greet the spirit and tell them who you are and your purpose again.

  • You don't need to stay around near your video camera. Do other things while the video camera 'working' for you.

  • If you are taking photo with an ordinary digital camera make sure take a photo within 9-12 feet only.

  • Avoid shooting with flash at reflective or shinny surfaces.

  • Keep fingers away from the lens of the camera.

  • When you have done your investigations always thank the spirit for their cooperation.

  • Be aware of the field investigation surrounding especially those of environment that can be mistaken to be the paranormal.


    4. General Standards and Protocols.


  • Left nothing at the field of an investigation except your foot print.

  • No smoking, drugs or drinking during an investigation.

  • We do not consider Ouija boards, dowsing rods, pendants or sťances valid investigation tools.

  • The best time for conducting paranormal investigation is during the solar storm. Yet, based on Malaysian Paranormal Research experienced all times are best for paranormal investigation as long as you have the focus towards your paranormal investigation as every matters exists in one definite existence that has no beginning nor end - The God's Mind that holds everything. Therefore, the best time for conducting paranormal investigation is embedded in YOU. It is not necessary to follow the lunar cycles as Malaysian Paranormal Research has found that the lunar calendar has nothing to do with Ghost activity. Find out The moon phase, doest it really have impact on ghost hunting?



    Arwin John, CGR, CPI, CEVPR, PDP, CI ,CPC
    Founder of Malaysian Paranormal Research
    Paranormal Investigator and Ghost Researcher 
    Member of The International Ghost Hunters Society and The International Ghost Hunters Inner Circle Society.


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