Our Mission

The main aim of The Malaysian Paranormal  Research is to share the documentation through research about the existence of life after death. Our mission is to share information and/ or to help change the perception of peoples’ narrow view about this mysterious world, through scientific research methods using a digital camera, video and audio recording


About Our Research

The Malaysian Paranormal Research collection of non-dust Ghost Orbs, Ecto, Human Shaped Apparitional Ghost Photos, Ghost videos and EVPs is one of the largest collection online in Malaysia . The collection mostly comes from the solo investigations by a  professional ghost researcher and from our professional sub-team investigators based in Ipoh, Perak. The dust orb found on this site is only for comparison purposes.


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Ecto Photos Gallery.

January 1st, 2008 by Arwin John.

This sections would be the place for our research findings on Paranormal photos to be arranged for sharing purposes.

You may click the links below to access the past years research findings on ghost orbs.



What Are Ecto ?

Spirit energy that appears either as long white swirls or as a vapor or cloud like spirit energy. This configuration appears to be unorganized and resembles swirls of smoke. When an Orb comes to rest, it can dissolve into an ectoplasmic mist.

Tenaga roh yang kelihatan sama ada dalam bentuk pusaran putih panjang, pemeluapan atau awan menyerupai tenaga roh. Konfigurasi ini kelihatan terpisah dan membentuk pusaran atau asap. Apabila orb dalam keadaan tidak bergerak, ia akan hilang di dalam kabus yang dikenali sebagai ectoplasmik.


Ref.: Dave Oester.2002. Common Configuration Patterns For Ghosts.