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The dark side of ghost hunting that we do not aware.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:34 am
by admin
The existence of the spirits of the dead not only brings about fears among the living but also debates on how these spirits should appear. Interestingly, most of us are still trapped in our orthodox thinking that ghosts should be seen as human-like and transparent. Unfortunately, our research findings prove that the spirits of the dead exist in the form of energy that will transform into multi-ghost energy patterns and are not fixed to be human-like as orthodox thinking suggests.

Understanding the concept of ghost existence

Therefore, understanding the concept of a ghost that exists in the form of energy is very important, since energy can transform easily into another form. Yet, there are still among us who fail to differentiate the appearance of ghosts that appear in multi ghost energy patterns. The energy that is supposedly the essence of one who has crossed over to the spirit world holds the spirit’s intelligence that enables one to return to the physical world to see us.

Spirits intelligence
Furthermore, the way how spirits of the dead appear tells us of their intelligence level. Some choose not to be seen but to be heard, some choose to be heard but not to be seen and some of them choose neither to be heard nor seen. However, their appearance from human-like to the basic appearance such as a ghost orb not only tells us of their intelligence level, but also brings about doubt on spirits existence, since the environment is active enough to contribute the same phenomenon such as orbs that become the dark side of the existence of the real ghost orb. In fact, statements that spirits throw to the living from their voices captured as EVP prove that our intelligence does survive death.

The dark side that we are not aware
Interestingly, it seems that they are many of us who are interested in paranormal research but are yet not aware of the existence of the dark side of ghost hunting. In fact, the inability to evaluate the existence of the spirits of the dead that exist in multi-energy patterns does not only lead us to become confused, but it also may make us quit from paranormal research.

Lack of the understanding on multi-types of spirit appearance and understanding on the environment weather patterns and field surroundings always become the factors that lead us fail to differentiate between real ghosts and ghostly photos that are contributed by the environment.

Example from our research findings
In line with this discussion, I would like to emphasize that the environment is able to produce orbs that are almost alike real ghost orbs. In this example, we have captured an orb that leaves contrails behind and has substance that can lead one to proclaim the orb mentioned to be a ghost orb.

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However as we mentioned earlier, environment surroundings are also very active at contributing to the ghostly orb phenomenon. Therefore, we must be aware that there are other factors that may contribute the possibilities of us capturing environmental orbs. In this example, there are two other weather variable inputs that possibly made the environment produce orbs that appear to be real ghost orbs which are, the presence of water droplets in the air and the presence of breeze drifting the water droplets to the left resulting in the water droplets to leave contrails behind that made these orbs appear to be real ghost orbs. Furthermore, close examination of one of the orbs shows it to have a demarcated outer ring that confirms that it is not energy generated by ghosts, just like the two other mini transparent orbs that also leave contrails behind. Therefore, in this case we need the assistance of explanation based on logical thinking in order for us to evaluate this orb.

Finally, in paranormal investigations we need to be aware that we not only will document the existence of spirits of the dead but also ghostly orbs that are contributed by the environment. Therefore, we need equal knowledge on the spiritual side and the physical existence in order to understand the spirit phenomenon.

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