Research Findings: New theory on duplicate concept.

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Research Findings: New theory on duplicate concept.

Postby admin » Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:37 am

The duplicate concept that is related to the parallel world is accepted widely but still, that assumption has never been proven and therefore, when we get something that may explain or prove the assumption mentioned yet we fail to grasp the basics of the existence of the parallel world simply because the duplicate is exactly alike. Therefore, in order to analyse this kind of phenomenon we need to find details that may help to explain the phenomenon.

Early indication on duplicate concept

Furthermore, we are getting early indication that may be able to explain the relationship between oneself and its own duplicate. In fact, we are not just mumbling nonsense or collecting information from other paranormal researchers but we come up with a new theory based on our own research findings.

One may think that our duplicate that has been captured nearby us is a different person, but our research findings indicate that one’s duplicate that is captured on film has the relationship with one. In fact, we do not only capture one’s duplicate on film but we also capture the voices of one’s duplicate.

In my case, through my most recent research on EVP recording during the full moon that I had captured my own duplicate that said “Your duplicate”. In fact, through EVP recording I’m getting an early indication the similar phenomenon that we documented on film. However, these recent research findings mentioned are still being reviewed.

Interestingly, we are interested to know the relationship between the present events and the coming future dimension or to know how exactly the future dimension is like. Unfortunately, we are not serious about searching for answers that are related to certain doubts that rise from our logical thinking.

Future events predictions

In line with this discussion, I would like to emphasize that through paranormal research we are able to predict future events. This is not just a theory but based on our research findings that bring about forewarnings related to certain events that will happen in the near future.

It is based on our research findings on EVPs that have captured the foretelling of a future event before it struck us. Unfortunately, we did not process our research findings in time so much so that the event which had been foretold took place first before the processing of the research findings.

The future event concerned involved the loss of our cousin, in that now he has made the journey to the parallel world as a result of being hit by a truck which actually was predicted through the EVP recording four weeks before the fatal accident took place. Our research findings at ... -evps.html is based on the two spirits that had mentioned his name. Four days later, we conducted another research where we captured EVPs of the parallel world accident that involved a truck that hit someone resulting in death according to the spirits that witnesses the accident mentioned. The research finding can be listened to at ... ident.html.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to alter the predicted future dimension or tried the power of prayer. Then again, we realize that certain forces of nature cannot be altered but must happen according to the ‘plan’ as a part of our journey of life.

Therefore, what I gained from these research findings is that we had gotten early indication that explains the rationale why we had captured one’s duplicate on film or in the form of EVPs.

Theory on duplicate concept
The research findings indicate that one’s duplicate captured on film is not merely one’s duplicate but also one’s own soul that is projected out of the body for the moment and that one’s ‘duplicate’ must stay near its own body all the time. Based on this information I have come up with a theory that how we will actually die, whereby when our soul starts to roam about and is no longer staying near his/her own physical body then the time for us to shed this body of ours is about to come.

Finally, we are hoping in the near future that we can gain knowledge that can explain whether each one of us has our own guardian spirits as the two spirits that had witnessed the accident in the parallel world together with the spirit that had been hit, as their relationship still remains a mystery. Therefore, I believe that in order for us to explore the paranormal world, we must first search our own soul that becomes our assistant.

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