Ghost appearance: What is behind their appearance?

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Ghost appearance: What is behind their appearance?

Postby admin » Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:17 am

Question's background
This question was send by the IGHS for further clarifications on the quate statement below.

Quate Statements
"Furthermore, the way how spirits of the dead appear tells us of their Intelligence level. Some choose not to be seen but to be heard, some choose to be heard but not to be seen and some of them choose neither to be heard nor seen. However, their appearance from human-like to the basic appearance such as a ghost orb not only tells us of their intelligence level, but also brings about doubt on spirits existence, since the environment is active enough to contribute the same phenomenon such as orbs that become the dark side of the existence of the real ghost orb. In fact, statements that spirits throw to the living from their voices captured as EVP prove that our intelligence does survive death." Quate from The Dark Side of Ghost Hunting that we do not aware

IGHS opinion
I have found no evidence in our 17 years and over 1,500 investigations that the intelligence level can be determined by how they appear the living. Whether a spirit appears as a full body apparition or as a ghost orb is not a reflection of intelligence, but rather on how they choose to appear to the living.

Explanations based on my understanding.
Based on our research findings that prove that the human intelligence does survive death therefore the spirits’ intelligence can be detected based on their appearance patterns. What I would like to emphasize here is, the intelligence of spirits that governs their decision on how they choose to appear to the living, as this statement is based on our perception that spirits are human too. In that way, how spirits appear reflect their intelligence, just as the intelligence of the living can be observed through their behavioural patterns.

Therefore, in my understanding that in the process of documenting spirit existence, the best reference is the living, as we have only little knowledge of our duplicate world. In fact, my own observations of thirteen years teaching over 1,000 adolescents on a daily basis, as well as personal observation have enabled me to guess one’s intelligence level through one’s behavioural patterns that are related to one’s decision-making process that further can be seen when one responds to questions, expresses one’s opinion and so on and so forth. Therefore, if we believe that human intelligence does survive death, we would be able understand the spirits’ intelligence just by understanding human behavioural patterns, rather than to struggle to figure out the intelligence of spirits.

Further Explanations
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