Parallel World: Living prosper at the higher dimensions.

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Parallel World: Living prosper at the higher dimensions.

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In our daily life we may never realise that besides the plane of our physical existence, there are also other planes of existence that exist at the higher levels of dimension. In fact, scientists through the Superstring Theory have predicted the existence of another ten dimensions. Interestingly, scientists believe that the alien civilization prospers in the parallel universe. -

However, even though scientists have predicted the existence of other dimensions and believe that the citizens of the parallel worlds prosper at the higher plane of existence, yet they have no evidence in the form of sample evidence such as EVPs and paranormal photos that can enlighten our doubt.

Research findings proof on existence of parallel dimensions
Interestingly, it is through our own research on the paranormal which has given us the opportunity to personally experience the existence of high parallel dimensions that overlaps into our own physical existence during geomagnetic fields at their peak. In fact, it is through my own research on EVPs of spirits conversations at the high level which I had captured at my home that has proven that in the parallel world, where my home is supposed to be exists a shop, a bus stop and in recent research findings I have documented a kind of a theme park activity such as the roller coaster which overlapped into our physical existence for about 15 seconds.

My home is not haunted, and yet I have documented the existence of other activities from the parallel worlds. In fact, within three days before and after the April full moon I have documented eighty two EVPs which not only have documented multiple spirits but also there were spirits that had answered my question regarding the `piojuster' mystery that I had documented in the previous research and was also documented by our Malaysian Ghost Research Paranormal Investigators Team more than three months ago based in Sabah, East of Malaysia over four thousand kilometres away from where I had documented the same spirit.

Then, the mystery remained until the recent investigation where the truth was revealed when I asked the spirits if any of them knew the actual meaning of the word mentioned (`piojuster'). Interestingly, there was a spirit who had helped me to solve the mystery when a male spirit had admitted that he was Sir Piojuster.

When to experience the parallel world's existence
Furthermore, through my research findings I have realised that the best time to conduct paranormal investigations such as EVP recordings is only during the full moon or when the electromagnetic flux is at its peak. In fact, scientists have indicated that spirits traverse from the parallel universe to the physical universe to gain more electromagnetic flux that can be used to elevate them to higher parallel dimensions. Therefore, this may explain why during the full moon, not only are we are able to experience the parallel world's existence but also experience seeing ghosts.

Animal has spirit too
Meanwhile, all this while we only have documented the existence of animal spirits in the form of still photos. However, in recent paranormal investigations, I have recorded through my video recorder what I believe to be an animal spirit that is most probably a dog spirit. Furthermore, both animal and human beings that possess the physical body would display streaks, and that the body would even disappear when recorded into a video recording that has been set to slow shutter modes.

However, in the case of the `dog spirit', the semi-transparent animal figure displayed a constant figure without streaks and neither did it disappear while passing the lens area because it exists in the form of energy.

Finally, even though the spirit existence and the parallel universes existence are hard to be accepted but even scientists have accepted the fact that the spirits are able to traverse in and out of our physical existence. In fact, our research findings have proven that not only man's spirit exists in the parallel world's existence but everything that exists in the physical world also exists in the parallel world.

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Founder of Malaysian Paranormal Research
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