One's Soul that burden with emotional baggage.

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One's Soul that burden with emotional baggage.

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We have talked so much about future dimensions in the past that is not just a mumbling but based on our research findings. In our physical world, future dimensions may refer to both time and place in the future. But also, this concept goes beyond the boundaries of the spiritual world that we go to after we shed our physical body.

Research findings similarities
The research findings that the IGHS shared with us about the truth that they have documented beyond the grave also have similarities with what we have documented through our own research. In fact, through our own research findings, we realized that there are certain places in a particular place that have become very active with spirit activities that we believe is a portal that connects between the world of spirit and ours. In fact, the phrase ‘ghosts are everywhere’ is not just a statement but a truth. Therefore, to capture the voices of ghosts or their appearance is not necessary to be at the cemetery but it can be anywhere.

Negative perceptions thats' leads negativity
One thing that we need to understand is those ghosts are human too just like you and I. However, most of us think those ghosts are demons who torment us, wait for us in the dark till it makes us fear the dark due to lack of understanding and knowledge. In fact, this fear is also added by our own negative perceptions that tend to think in the negative instead of in the positive.

However, ghosts are also humans that have shed their body but they have similarity with us which is their psychology that is governed by their emotional stimuli that survives death. In fact, in our daily life there are so many kinds of energy being radiated from sorts of kinds of forces that give negative impact on one’s emotional state.

Both the living and the dead governs by emotions
Therefore, both the living and the dead are bound with emotion that cannot be seen physically, but the impact of the emotion is so intense that it will force us to make a decision based on the provocation that provokes one’s emotion to respond either positively or negatively.

In contrast, negative emotion will make someone become easily irritated or angry that psychologically will hold back our spiritual progress and the impact that can be seen through one’s behaviour. Furthermore, it is very important for us to understand and to solve our emotional burden so that we can progress in our spiritual journey. Therefore, by learning and applying the universal love coupled with the ability to bear things is the only way to heal from emotional burden.

In fact, emotion and thought that are sources of energy which impact on places and things that can be permanent is not just an opinion but truth. Intense emotional burden that one cannot bear nor solve not only will generate negative emotions that holds back one’s spiritual progress but also can lead one to deny others in their company that may continue for years until one has learnt to accept one’s burden and to release it.

The importance of grieving process.

In line with this issue, our research findings have given us the opportunity to learn the truth and the importance of grieving and the heal process from emotional burden. Our research findings have documented the release of an emotional burden that has held one’s emotions for years.

Interestingly, the event of one’s released emotional burden has not only proven that emotion and thought are sources of energy that impact on places, but also proves that the existence of the past, present and the future dimensions are linked through energy.

Furthermore, the EVP that has captured the event that played again after so many years not only released one’s emotional burden due to the loss of loved ones but also gives us the impression that emotion keeps details of the painful memory. In contrast, the EVP mentioned replayed the event as someone who was coughing was actually the main source of the emotional pain of someone shouting at another person.

In addition, our research findings also have proven the assumptions of the existence of the parallel worlds and the duplicate concept is not just a theory but truth.As our research findings that had captured an EVP that said ‘your duplicate’ proves that each one of us has our own duplicate. However, in my opinion the ‘duplicate’ mentioned is actually one’s soul that exists in the form of energy that may be identical with one.

Finally, one’s duplicate really exists. Therefore, we believe that the actual person who will be burdened with emotional baggage is our own duplicate because our physical body will die but not the soul, that in fact, every issue that is not settled in this life will be carried forward to the next dimension. Therefore, it is very importance for us to go through the process of grieving and heal as the IGHS emphasizes.

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