The needs of one Spiritual Developments.

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The needs of one Spiritual Developments.

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Research into the unknown that is related to the life after death phenomenon has actually been going on for a long time. However, research findings are only confined to those who are considered an authority in the research mentioned, but not much of the earlier research findings have contributed enough information that explains further the death phenomenon, until a formal educational on paranormal research offered by the IGHS for those who take paranormal research seriously had enabled us to understand and document evidence of the phenomenon mentioned.

Similar research finding results
Furthermore, what the IGHS has reported and shared through their home study courses also have similarities to our own research findings. In fact, the debate on whether demons really exist is never ending, as Hollywood film script writers and demonology experts proclaim that demons that torment the living exist.

Unfortunately, demon existence is actually in accordance with one’s perception, thoughts and beliefs that are lumped up from our personal interpretations governed by our five senses, besides being due to our lack of understanding when we tend to label negative forces as demonic, whereas we the IGHS members believe that the negative energy that is related to spirit activity has links to spirits that have negative emotion which radiates negative energy towards the living.

However, IGHS members have never reported that they have encountered any demonic activities during thier field investigations. Furthermore, we should realize that negative behaviour and negative thinking most likely generate negative energy that in turn attracts the negative energy from low levels spirits. Hence, in order for us to create positive energy we need to apply respect others by showing respect and reverence at all times towards spirits of the dead that not only bring about positive impact on the relationship among the living, but also towards the spirits of the dead.

Respect both for the living and the dead have been proven.
Interestingly, this concept has been proven through my own research findings that the spirits of the dead always take part in my research. I believe that the understanding on the concept mentioned by showing respect for both the living and the dead, as well as implementing universal love are factors for me now to never fail documenting the existence of spirits of the dead.

In fact, from the research findings I have found that the spirits of the dead do return to the physical world looking for comfort from the living. Unfortunately, instead of offering them comfort and love by sending our love as emotional support, we label them as demons. Giving and sending our love to the spirits of the dead actually is not hard, we only need to visualise a specific person and send our love and support through our inner soul. This action is equal to wordlessly hugging someone who needs emotional support.Furthermore, these research findings also have proven that most of the time the spirits who return to see us are somehow related to us, as kin, friends or acquaintances.

Prove of duplicate concept.
In fact, in these research finding not only have I documented the existence of multiples spirits of the dead but I also have documented my duplicate talking with a female spirit who was asking ‘how much?’ before my duplicate said ‘a bit only’. Interestingly, I have no recollection of saying the sentence mentioned. Furthermore, the voice of my duplicate voice was very clear while the voice of the female spirit mentioned was almost a whisper.

Spirits intelligence survives death.
In real time, some of my family members have labelled me ‘crazy’ for not only conducting paranormal research but also influencing three other younger friends of mine and another four of my cousin bothers to join in my paranormal research. Therefore, among the spirits that I have documented, there was also one who labelled me ‘crazy’, when one of the spirits in my recent research findings had said ‘Arwin is crazy’. This event is to indicate that spirit intelligence survives death and is aware of what is going on among the living.

Furthermore, the research findings mentioned also have documented a series of statements from multiple spirits that are related to an event that is unknown to me as they did not reveal the actual ‘point’, but from the statements and emotional burden that they are carrying actually made me shed tears as I could feel their pain linked to a small boy whom I also have documented. Unfortunately, a female voice had requested the other spirits not to mention the event by saying ‘please don’t reveal’.

Meanwhile, the final statement that says ‘Do you pity him/her?’ reminds me that they need comfort from us, the living. And, to be exact, these EVPs, captured not during the full moon nor geomagnetic storms, were the result of deliberate recording on my part due to the ‘communication’ that we received from spirits who made noise as my wife insisted she kept hearing the sound of marbles being dropped on a hard surface at intervals, and later the phenomenon mentioned was also recorded on my digital recorder.

Finally, as our own journey of life continues to the next dimension, we really need to understand that the truth beyond the death phenomenon is that the future dimension relies on our present existence. If we ignore our spiritual development while we are alive, we would then also have already ignored the needs of our spiritual development in the future dimension as well.

Founder of Malaysian Paranormal Research and Malaysian Paranormal Research In Education
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Founder of Malaysian Paranormal Research
Professional Paranormal Investigator and Ghost Researcher
Member of The International Ghost Hunters Society
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