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Intelligence that is survives death.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 7:47 am
by admin
Logical thinking that is based on information that we receive through our five senses plays the biggest role when it comes to making decisions. In fact, explanations that are not based on logical thinking almost cannot be accepted because they are not proven with solid evidence. Therefore, our explanations all the time must be governed by the five senses that rule logical thinking.

Logical thinking and its limitations
However, logical thinking has its limits, in that it is unable to explain certain phenomena that happen beyond the five senses such as the phenomenon of the existence of the spirits of the dead. Therefore, the use of scientific tools such as video camera, film or digital camera, audio recorder etc used in our paranormal research are to document paranormal events as solid evidence so that the logical thinking can accept it as true.

Unfortunately, even though there have been tons of evidences that have documented paranormal phenomena which happen around us, we still are unable to accept the phenomena mentioned due to the lack of understanding or our thinking is trapped within the orthodox view about the existence of the spirits of the dead.

The needs of spiritual intelligence
Therefore, I would like to highlight that every one of us has multiple intelligences that have become sources of our personal strength. However, we emphasize a lot on logical thinking that has become the measure of one’s intelligence. But, to understand the mystery beyond the death phenomena, we need the spiritual intelligence to explain the phenomena mentioned so that our logical thinking will be able to understand them.

Furthermore, I would like to emphasize that science cannot accept the phenomena of the spirit’s existence because the existence of the spirit cannot be proven. Ironically, the science community believes in the existence of the parallels dimensions even though their belief is still in theory, but we have successfully documented the existence of the spirit of the dead using scientific tools, yet most of us cannot accept the existence of the spirit due to the lack of understanding or ignorance of our spiritual development.

Furthermore, the spiritual intelligence actually is imbedded within us and this intelligence is very important for us to sense the changes of our surroundings that are related to energy that is being radiated from others which is considered to be non-spoken communication.

In fact, all creatures and living things are supposed to have a 'life force' that sustains life and this 'life force' in humans is considered to be the soul or spirit that retains the intelligence, emotions and personality of the human being that survives death. Therefore, this 'life force' survives death because energy cannot be destroyed but may be transformed into other energy pattern that represents the existence of the spirit. In comparison, logical thinking that is based on the five senses would be shed together with the physical body but the experiences that we have gained through our logical thinking would be imbedded within one’s spiritual intelligence.

Intelligence that is survives death
In line to this issue, I would like to emphasize that our research findings have given us the opportunity to learn the truth that our intelligence survives death. Through the recording of EVPs that have captured the voices of the spirits of the dead that retain their fears related to ghost existence goes to prove that our existence in the other dimension is based on our knowledge when we were still alive.

Interestingly, even though the spirits of the dead is in the form of energy but they still retain their fear of ghosts.
I have also recorder a spirit that says ‘Ghost’ and ‘that is a ghost’.That may also explain the conscious state of the spirit which may still not realize that they have died due to sudden death.

Finally, to understand the unseen phenomena we cannot just rely on logical thinking itself but we need to cultivate an intelligence such as spiritual intelligences that is based on higher spiritual achievement that can help us understand the existence of the spirit world

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