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The key to understand the existence of the parallel world.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 7:51 am
by admin
The concept of the many world existence theory is also known as Parallel Dimensions as opposed to the concept of ghosts from the Spirit Dimension. And, according to the scientific belief the other dimensions that are parallel to our own dimension are the stuff that is related to quantum mechanics. Therefore, the explanation about them only can be done through the study of the subatomic realm.

Proven theory
In fact, the parallel dimensions theory has been proven through our research that has documented many events of the overlapping dimension.Physicists use mathematical models depicting how the subatomic fields function to explain quantum mechanics based on logical thinking, but logical thinking itself has limits to its explanation. Therefore, I stand with the IGHS to explain the existence of the parallel dimension through non-mathematical approach from our own field investigation data and based on logical thinking that includes the mind-body-soul concept.

One may ask if the parallel dimensions really exist, and we have a lot of proof that validates the existence of the parallel dimension that has not only been documented in the form of visuals but also in the form of audio, based on our recent research findings through the recording of EVPs. In fact, we believe that the closest parallel dimension to our own dimension is the dimension that exists beyond the grave.

The key to understand the existence of the parallel world
Therefore, the basic key to understand the existence of the parallel world is to understand the concept of the quantum mechanics. In other words, the existence of the parallel world is in the form of energy that overlaps each other without demarcated boundaries. Even though, scientific belief has predicted the existence of the parallel world as light at the higher dimension, and in contras the prediction is correlated to what the paranormal researcher has done on the research of the Near Death Experience (NDE) such as Danion Brinkley’s experience where the NDE confirmed that he had witnessed the existence of the world of light. That goes to prove that non-mathematical approach is able to explain the existence of parallel dimensions.

Interestingly, this parallel world mystery not only brings about the existence of other universes but also has brought another concept about one’s duplicates. In fact, through our research we have gained new knowledge that each one of us has our own duplicate that is actually one’s soul that is projected out of the body at the moment.

Research findings that prove the existence of parallel world
Furthermore, our recent research findings on EVPs have confirmed that we have no guardian spirits as some of us believe. In fact, our own research findings have confirmed similar results which is what the IGHS proclaims through their home study courses that most of the time we document the existence of the spirits of our own family members and friend that return to give us support. Therefore, the mystery of the spirits that witnessed the accident in the parallel world is considered to have been solved as our further analysis on the research findings on EVPs revealed that those voices actually belong to the spirits of our relatives, family members and friends.

As a certified paranormal researcher, I would like to share the knowledge that we have gained from our research findings on how to differentiate ghosts and one’s duplicate that is printed on film. One’s duplicate is actually one’s soul that is projected out at the moment and appears to be a new person that overlaps over someone and this phenomenon is called a duplicate. However, if one has captured a new figure on film that appears to stand alone and does not resemble any person in the photo if taken in a crowd, then this phenomenon is valid to be a ghost.

In fact, my recent research findings on EVPs have recorded what we believe to be the past dimension that happened three years ago. This is to prove that the existence of the past exists in the form of energy. Interestingly, as we emphasize the relationship between the past, present and the future dimension, we will find that they are actually linked. And, the recent research findings reveal that the connections between the three are connected each other in the form of energy.

Interestingly, my recent research findings have revealed that our existence will be in trouble when we do not solve our immediate emotional burden that acts as an anchor that prevents us from continuing our journey in life. Even though in reality time has passed by many years, but if we fail to understand and heal from emotional sickness, it will continue to radiate negative energy that will prevent personal spiritual growth until we learn and release it and these negative emotion is always linked to personal anger, hatred and pain from the loss of someone we love. However, the research findings mentioned is still in review that I will share with everyone when it is ready to be released to the public.


Finally, logical thinking has it own strength but it lacks explanation on the existence of the parallel worlds. The only key to understanding the existence of the parallel world is to understands the concept of an open mind that is not only based on the physical strength or mind power, but is also based on the spiritual strength that has strong relationship to the spiritual realm.

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