The Language Of Prayer.

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The Language Of Prayer.

Postby admin » Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:18 am

Our daily lives that we face everyday have links with events in the past. Therefore, events that will happen in the future are most likely what we have guessed, based on the options we had decided to put into action. Yet sometimes, there are events that happen without warning such as accidents.

Then one will say that bad events that happen in the future have no link with our past or present. In fact, most of the time the best thing we do is to blame God as the One who has determined our future, and we never think about the link between the past, the present and the coming dimensions.

The dynamic energy that comes from the surroundings or events
In my opinion, the slightest actions that we carry out in the present are added as input factors that contribute to the alteration of the future dimensions. Our action in every moment is actually related to the force of the dynamic energy that comes from the surroundings or events. Eventually, this energy force that is generated by certain events sometimes will force us to make decisions in a short time.

Furthermore, most of us will link certain events as an accident when the events happen without warning or unexpectedly. Do certain events in the future dimensions really have no link with past dimensions? In fact, from the spiritual aspect we definitely have realised that one day we will die. However, we don’t know yet the causes that will bring about our death. Therefore, death has links to the past dimension in that the moment we are born becomes the beginning of the future dimension.

Therefore, if we really make an effort to do recollections for every issue that we have gone through daily, we might be able to see the link between the past and the future dimensions. In fact, dreams sometimes bring about a message regarding future events that might be contents with a forewarning.

Language of prayer
Why does it seem as though our daily prayers appear not to give us comfort or give us protection? In fact, we sometimes hear from people who were involved an accident mentioning that they had prayed for protection before a journey, and yet were still involved in an accident.

To answer such a question, we need to keep asking ourselves whether we had really asked for protection. In fact, most of the time our prayer is nothing but nonsense in that we do not pray according to the language of prayer. Most of time we say our prayers with no intention, visualisation and emotion but instead mumble customised prayers that come from books.

The IGHS has highlighted that prayer is the language that allows us to express our dreams, making them real in our lives. Therefore, the actual prayer is found in a force that cannot be spoken or transmitted as written words – the FEELING that in my opinion comes from the bottom of our inner soul. Therefore, in order for us enable our future dimension to be according to what we wish for; we must merge our thoughts and our emotions as one to create the feelings that we need in order that those feelings become the silent language of prayer instead.

In fact, the greatest mistake that we make is that we are often offer negative prayers. As an EVP researcher, I have the understanding on the psychology of spirits that is often recorded on my Sony voice recorder and most of the time I will gain extra information after applying reverse speech on the EVPs.

Therefore, when I record a customised prayer, and apply reverse speech to it, the prayer I have said is nothing but nonsensical mumbling. However, a prayer that comes from a person praying with emotion is clear and sometimes coveys the same meaning when reverse speech is applied.

Finally, I have come to a conclusion that we need to learn the actual concept of prayer. Positive prayers should come from our inner soul that merges with positive visualisation and emotion. The alterations of the future dimensions are related to the understanding of the quantum physic’s theory.

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