Experience the overlapping dimensions through EVPs.

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Experience the overlapping dimensions through EVPs.

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For the past two weeks I was supposed to conduct my solo investigation at the old Chinese Cemetery, but due to rainy weather conditions, I couldn’t. However, I managed to conduct a 20-minute solo investigation at a public park that only managed to capture an orb while the rest were orb dust related to the environment.

Lately, I have started to record EVPs that were most of the time recorded either during the geomagnetic storm or coupled with the solar storm which enabled me to successfully capture amazing EVPs. Interestingly, this method of documenting the existence of the spirits of the dead has given me the chance to realise the existence of life in the nearest parallel dimension.

The scientific beliefs on parallels dimensions
The scientific beliefs regarding the existence of the parallels dimensions have been widely accepted and evidences have been released through both laboratory research and paranormal photography, but the knowledge most likely is confined only among those involved. In fact, among paranormal researchers this knowledge is still new unless we have intensively been following scientific research findings or have taken the IGHS home study course for Certified Phase Displacement Practitioner or/and read the IGHS E-Book “The Truth about Parallel Dimensions”.

Our own experience.
Therefore, when I look back after almost three years having been involved in paranormal research where I have combined three methods to document the existence of the spiritual world which are photography using both film and digital camera, video photography and most recently EVP recording, all these have given me the chance to see a larger picture of spirit existence.

In paranormal video photography, I have almost three years experienced outdoor video shooting by following the method that the IGHS had recommended, resulting in always successfully capturing more evidences of the existence of the spirits of the dead. Furthermore, the advantage of using video is that we are able to determine if what we have captured is related to the spirits of the dead or related to insects. Since spirits of the dead are represented by energy, therefore sometimes the anomalies will disappear before they manage to cross the screen area.

Equipments limitation.
Furthermore, through my own experiences on paranormal video shooting, the use of an infra red light more likely or less will not be able to capture the spirits of the dead when we conduct outdoors investigations, unless we put up other lights as a ‘sign board’ to attract the spirits’ attention. However, infra red light is suitable when we capture the field investigation surrounding or an enclosed location. Therefore, the best way to attract the spirits’ attention is by putting up a video on a tripod with an external light that for me always reaps success.

However, paranormal photography using film or digital camera is the most common tools that are used by paranormal investigators. Meanwhile in Malaysia, the EVP research fields are very new. In fact, I am the first certified EVP researcher here certified as an EVP researcher by the IGHS. In this field I have discovered solid evidences of parallel dimensions existence through audio that have enabled me to capture EVPs during the solar and the geomagnetic storms, proving that a home is not necessarily haunted but rather, the activities of the other side which are the parallel dimensions also known as the spiritual world will overlap into our dimension. Therefore, I believe the sighting during this time is related to the overlapping dimensions.

Our success documenting the spirits existence is according to spirits' will.
In my investigation through EVP in our home that has no sign of being haunted, I have managed to capture more EVPs especially during the geomagnetic and solar storms, identifiably multi racial EVPs talking about different topics but of course there are also spirits that would interact with us. In fact, the fact why I could not capture them using a camera may be because they do not want to be seen as ghosts, as one of the spirits came, simply opened one of the room doors and said, “I don’t want you to see me as ghost”.

Interestingly on one occasion, I had managed to record an EVP of a male dog’s barking inside my home, while the neighbourhood dogs could also be heard barking in the background. However, we have no dog or kitten, as two dogs my wife had died something like twenty years ago.

Therefore, my conclusion is, the easiest way to experience the overlapping dimension is through the recording of EVPs during the solar and geomagnetic storms. A home is not necessarily haunted because the energy that comes from the solar and geomagnetic storms is enough to weaken the barrier between the physical world and the nearest parallel dimensions which is the duplicate of a present location. In fact, energy that the spirits need to produce sound is less compared to the energy that is needed to produce an apparition.

Founder of Malaysian Paranormal Research and Malaysian Paranormal Research In Education
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Founder of Malaysian Paranormal Research
Professional Paranormal Investigator and Ghost Researcher
Member of The International Ghost Hunters Society
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