Ghost that labeled as demon.

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Ghost that labeled as demon.

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Every one of us has our own ability that governs our thinking or even emotional stimuli. Unfortunately, this ability that is grouped under personal multiple intelligences such as language ability, mathematical ability, natural ability, intrapersonal ability, interpersonal ability and so on are not equal. In fact, our own ability may depend on our own experience, personal interest and so on and so forth. Therefore, similarly in paranormal understanding we have differences in ability to understand the nature of the paranormal itself.

Personal growth
In fact, in the paranormal itself, there are among the paranormal researchers who treat this field as a hobby and for fun. However, in my case I take this field seriously as personal growth as I conducted solo research that further had enabled me to understand spirit existence in depth. Furthermore, I have trained myself to work with evidence and to share what I had documented. Therefore, I can't just mumble about ghost stories as most of the time I find that ghost stories have no evidence that proves it to be true, but then again I realize some people like to play with people's fears through ghost stories even though those stories have no basis of truth.

Ghost existence based on personal experience, perceptions and belief
Furthermore, it seems that ghosts are out there to scare us. Even though, the Oxford Dictionary (2000) has defined a ghost as `the spirit of a dead person' yet people have associated ghost with demons. Therefore, people view ghosts based on their personal experiences, perceptions and belief. Yet, our research findings have proven the spirits of the dead to be human too.

In fact, my own most recent research findings have proven that not only humans have their own spirit but I have also documented the existence of animal spirits that were recorded into my video recorder. However, these research finding are still in review that will be posted on our website in the near future.

Interestingly, due to limited knowledge of the paranormal, some people who view proof of spirit existence tend to make incorrect judgement. In fact, among researchers who have understanding of spirit existence also sometimes misjudge certain evidence because spirit existence is based on unpredictable quantum mechanics. Therefore, continuous research findings on spirit existence are very important for us to gain more information that can help to explain certain paranormal nature.

Of course, it is not easy to grasp the actual concept of the paranormal. In fact, in my opinion, we cannot just rely on what others have said but we have to conduct our own research in order for us to understand the paranormal better. Experiencing the existence of the paranormal nature will give us the opportunity not only to understand deeper spirit existence or to document spirit existence but also will help us grow spiritually.

Proof from our own research finding

In line with this discussion, as we continue to document spirit existence and in the process of developing healthy communication with the spirits of the dead by showing respect and reverence towards them besides we having positive perception of spirit existence, we have found through our EVP recordings that now, we have gained trust from them as we continue to record the EVPs of multiple spirits that not only represent spirits of family members, relatives and friends but we have also managed to document spirits that speak in other languages such as other local languages, English and Japanese.

Interestingly, I not only have documented spirits that are aware of what we are doing but also I have documented the same spirit that my team has documented over four thousand kilometres away. In my recent research finding, I have recorded one of the spirits having mentioned `Piojuster' and the same name also was documented by our team at two months ago. Therefore, this goes to prove that spirits of the dead do visit the living for certain reasons.

In fact, if one claimed that our research findings that have documented EVPs as radio waves coming from the local radio station then it will be very interesting because someone in the radio station knows what we are doing at the moment such as answering our questions or call us by name. Furthermore, the IGHS has taught each us not to record EVPs with the assistance of white noise but to record the voices of spirits in a simple manner through the use of an audio recorder.

Finally, as the research continues to document spirit existence. I would like to emphasize that if we are serious in documenting spirit existence and have gained the trust of the spirit themselves, then we will end up not having the time to review and to post the multitude of our research findings. As for us, our EVPs that have not been posted number almost two hundred, not including digital photos and video recordings.

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