Paranormal: Logical thinking vs mind-body-soul concept.

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Paranormal: Logical thinking vs mind-body-soul concept.

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In our life, most of the time we place our five senses as the guide towards making decisions. However, this fundamental nature sometimes is unable to assist us in making decisions with regard to things that cannot be seen or explained by logical thinking.

Fundamental nature that is closed minded

Furthermore, fundamental nature tends to be closed minded and is always looking for something that only logically influences our perception, beliefs and thoughts to become close towards new possibilities. Therefore, sometimes it seems that we are unable to see the logic behind certain events that are related to the paranormal.

In fact, the fundamental nature that has shaped our perception about life seems to make it difficult for us even to accept new possibilities. I believe that the universe itself has its own logical explanation that explains its nature but our logical thinking is unable to accept it since we have no knowledge about it. Therefore, in order for us to explore new knowledge, we may need to learn the existence of new possibilities such as the Theory of Everything that explained the possibilities of the existence of the other universes.

Learning process through paranormal investigations

Hence, in the paranormal field we may conduct an investigation that involves photography, video photography and EVP recording which actually is a process in gaining new knowledge and is a learning process to understand things that are supposedly unexplainable through logical thinking.

Therefore, fundamental nature may not understand the phenomena that are related to the spiritual world. Furthermore, to understand the existence of the spiritual world, we need to open our own spiritual eyes that is our soul that has the relationship with the inner world that cannot be seen physically but we may understand what our inner soul sees, when we combine our intelligences that involve mind-body-soul.

Even though the barrier of the nearest dimension to ours is only two millimetres away, but this barrier is in the form of energy that only may weaken during certain conditions such as both the geomagnetic and solar storms. Therefore, this barrier makes us unable to physically visit the spiritual world. In contrast, the spirits of the dead hold dual citizenship that makes them possible to enter our world and the spiritual realm as they please. In order words, the spirits of the dead knows every door that links our dimension to them.

Therefore, when we talks about orbs, not all orbs are dust or spirits but we need the knowledge to differentiate them. In fact, some of us are maybe tired of seeing orbs that are captured in our photos but the real reason why we are getting tired is actually because we have no knowledge that enable us to differentiate them.

If an orb that is captured on digital camera or on film and shows certain characteristics such as being transparent or having faces within it but it still has one dominant characteristic which is a demarcated outer ring, then the orb falls into the dust category. However, if an orb has substance, has contrails, emits its own light source or the appearance is spherical with a fine surface without a demarcated ring then it is qualified to be a ghost orb. Of course, there are also ghost orbs that have multiple non-demarcated rings that become its dimension.

Most of the time ghost orbs that are photographed have no demarcated outer ring. This is not an opinion but a fact, as I have done research on orbs that are related to the environment that have become the dark side of real ghost orbs and the research findings have defined that orbs that are generated by the environment have only one similar basic characteristic that becomes dominant, which is the demarcated outer ring. However, we must remember that the environment not only produces orbs but also ghostly images that are related to insects that can be mistaken as orbs in motion.

What I would like to suggest is to be open minded and practical, as there is no a better vacuum or Ghostbusters that can remove pesky spirits or cleanup dust. To answer such questions is according to our personal perceptions, beliefs and thoughts.

Spirits and dust are 2 different things. Spirits exist in the form of energy but dusts exist in the form of tiny particles that are related to the environment. The similarities are, both are related to this universe but behave in different ways. Since both are related to the universe therefore, both have one identical appearance - which is the spherical shape because both belong to the same source which is the universe. The difference between the two is; spirits have their own intelligence which survives death but not dust. The characteristic on the appearance tells us their intelligence.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that the key to understanding the phenomena that are related to paranormal events is the mind-body-soul concept that combines our intelligences physically and spiritually to become one.

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Founder of Malaysian Paranormal Research
Professional Paranormal Investigator and Ghost Researcher
Member of The International Ghost Hunters Society
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