Future Dimensions :Survival Instinct vs Universal Survival.

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Future Dimensions :Survival Instinct vs Universal Survival.

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Life is about learning and undergoing experiences that not only involve decisions based on rational and logical thinking that have become our fundamental nature, but life also involves understanding on the unspoken and unseen events. However, our judgement is most of time based on our five senses. Nevertheless, we never think further beyond the possibilities that may not be based on decisions made by our five senses.

Furthermore, there are things that are very simple and yet we can’t cope with because of restrictions and negative personal perceptions. There is no event in future that has no link to the past. In fact, it is scientific belief that the present decisions that we have made is able to alter future dimensions, as long as our thoughts and feelings combine together so that we may alter the future dimension and at the same time release future dimensions that no longer serve our needs.

Decisions that based on fundamental nature and survival instinct
Unfortunately, most of the time we make decisions based on our fundamental nature and survival instincts. In fact, the survival instinct becomes the first option for us to make decisions and most of the time the survival instinct is about personal needs which come first.

However, as a paranormal researcher I learn the benefits of not only understanding paranormal events but also learn about universal survival. In fact, as a paranormal researcher I not only do research on paranormal events but I am also involved in giving counselling to those who need assistance to solve paranormal related problems.

The survival key
The key to surviving the force that comes from the force of nature in life is understanding the threats of that force itself. We have to face every difficulty that comes in our life so that we may growth spiritually. Therefore, our personal perceptions on things are very important. Every action that we do has its own impacts, and in turn makes that decision-making become the most crucial moment.

In fact, if we learn from the positive way of thinking then we will harvest the fruits of our thoughts in the future. Therefore, if we believe that demons exist we actually combine our thought and feelings that in turn summon the demons to come after us. In contrast, IGHS members promote respect both for the living and the dead where we never have any encounters with any demons during our field investigations. Furthermore, if you visit our website you won’t be able to find our research findings that document the existence of demons unlike the demonology website which is full with documents on demonic activities during their field investigations – proving that our belief that combines thoughts and feelings has links with either positive or negative energies that attract others to respond according to the energy that we have released.

Therefore, in order for us to exist in the future dimension in happiness we must master the difficulties that we face. We must learn how to bear things with open hearts. Generate positive energy instead when others generate negative energy. Learning and mastering to not be influenced by the negative energy that comes from others is the best way to survive, rather than based on our survival instincts.

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Founder of Malaysian Paranormal Research
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