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How to do a ghost box session.

July 12th, 2011 by Arwin John.


In this article I will explain the best way to do a ghost box session based on my personal experience. Doing a ghost box session is as simple as it is complicated. What makes a ghost box session complicated is the success or failure depends on many influential factors that plays a part in the reception of communication from the spirit world.

This article is meant to give a basic explanation on how to conduct a successful ghost box session based on my personal experience.

First and foremost make sure you are in the correct frame of mind or the calm state of mind to do a box session, by this I mean simply, positive attitude, and positive session. Negative attitude would mean negative session. So if you had a bad day at the office or so, make sure to leave the session for another time.

When you are in the calm state and in the right mood to make contact, there are a few basic steps to follow before starting your actual session. Firstly, you have to make sure that the batteries of the ghost box is fully charged, your incoming signal strength or reception depends on the power that is supplied to the box.

Then, turn on your ghost box. Now speak out loud to your spirit contacts and inform them that you are about to do a ghost box session and give them brief information about the subject matter of your session.

Next make sure you have your recorder and it is ready to record. Turn your recorder on and voice out your name, time, date and subject of the session.

Followed by, turning on your ghost box and allow it to run for a few seconds and make sure you have the best reception possible, if not move around the room or the area until you establish a good signal.  When you are satisfied with your signal, make sure your voice recorder, equipment is set to go and you are now ready to do the actual session.

As the session starts!

Be polite and respectful, greet and say hello. Ask if there are any spirits that would like to communicate with you..

After the initial greetings ask any questions you have or make any statement you want too. Then allow a reasonable amount of time for a response, preferably ten seconds depending on your style or method. During the response or feedback time listen carefully for any answers or messages that you can hear in real time as they occur. That is the main aim when we do ghost box research. The key word is “REAL TIME” that is what sets this research apart from any other form of EVP or ITC.

If you do hear an answer or statement you believe to be communication it is a good idea to ask the spirit or the extra terrestrial being to repeat what you heard for validation that you did actually hear the communication and this will later serve as a validation of the communication when made into an audio file for later review.

Be extremely extra aware of any vulgarity or curse words as these serve as a strong indication that what we are receiving is in fact communication and not just radio signal or bits due to the fact that it is very unlikely or rarely that you will hear these sorts of swear words on publicly broadcast radio. Make sure to also be aware of your name or that of others in the room during the session and of course relevant answers to any questions that you have asked. The session will continue as long as you wish. I have found that our spirit friends on the other side will in a certain amount of time “Run out of energy” as it where. They seem to exhaust their energy supply and therefore communication will decrease and eventually cease as a result or to a sudden cut out.

I like to keep my session to no more than 15 minutes. Based on my sessions conducted, keeping the session short and brief allows the communicating spirit time to deliver their communication without exhausting their energy supply and being cut off in the middle and it aids in keeping the session review and sound editing of the particular session to a reasonable time frame unlike hours of review where it may also exhaust our self from reviewing it. Concentration and focus during the session is important and always make sure to be calm and not in a hyper tension mode or so on. Listening to the session and identifying which is spirit voices and which is not requires patience and getting used to listening. Once you get the hang of it, you will get to know what I exactly mean by getting used to it. Looking at the patterns of the sound waves also helps. Audacity software works great for this. Besides that, sometimes you will not here the reply clearly during the ghost box session but once you export the sound file from your voice recorder to the software for review, you will often realize its much clearer there due to being able to slow down and boost the audio to a certain level that makes it easy to listen and to make out what kind of response you are getting. It’s always essential to go through the entire session sound clip to make sure you don’t leave out anything. Most often you will hear some voices that you may missed during the session.

As with the beginning steps before starting a session there are a couple of good rules to follow as you end your session.

When you are bringing the session to a close the first thing to do is to alert the communicating spirits that you intend to end the session or else it’s like hanging up a telephone with no warning to the person on the other end of the line, which is very disrespectful ! Remember, the key for a good communication also depends on the respect you have for the dead or the other side. Our attitude and focus plays a very important role.

We have come to believe that during a box session a signal or connection bridge is established between our side and the spirit world due to the live connection and stream of mutual energy the box facilitates and that it is possible for spirits to utilize this “bridge” to talk to us from their side to ours and back.

After you are done with the spirit box session, make sure to thank your spirit friends for any and all communication and the effort they put forth to send that communication. Say goodbye or goodnight depending on what time you are doing your session and allow a ten second final response time and then turn off the box.

You have just successfully completed a proper and ethical ghost box session and hopefully you received good communication both heard in real time and recorded.

The only task left to perform is to load your session recording into your computer for review and edit it and save your communication files for future research purposes, collections and data validation of communication.

This is a brief and simple explanation of how to perform a proper ghost box session.



Spirits exist in a higher state of being--aka--a higher dimension as such they have full access to anything lower--like humans. It’s just like the telephone to the dead. In true nature, it’s a real honor to be able to communicate with someone who have passed on or a higher being. No spirits actually come out of the box to harm us during the session. That is purely Hollywood. So relax and start conducting your own ghost box session.