Our Mission

The main aim of The Malaysian Paranormal  Research is to share the documentation through research about the existence of life after death. Our mission is to share information and/ or to help change the perception of peoples’ narrow view about this mysterious world, through scientific research methods using a digital camera, video and audio recording


About Our Research

The Malaysian Paranormal Research collection of non-dust Ghost Orbs, Ecto, Human Shaped Apparitional Ghost Photos, Ghost videos and EVPs is one of the largest collection online in Malaysia . The collection mostly comes from the solo investigations by a  professional ghost researcher and from our professional sub-team investigators based in Ipoh, Perak. The dust orb found on this site is only for comparison purposes.


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The Malaysian Paranormal Research Tools.

September 04th, 2008 by Arwin John.



In our research we only use scientific tools which are used by many other paranormal  clubs. We do not recommend the use of Ouija Board, Crystal ball, cast magic words or any other items that is not recommended by the International Ghost Hunters Society. At the moment we use the tools as below.

Research Tools

   Tools   Brand   Quantity
Infra red Video recorder  Sony     7
Digital Camera  Canon     2
Digital Voice Recorder  Sony     3
Magnetic Voice Recorder  Sony     1
Infra Red Heat/motionSensor  Made in UK     6
Compass          -     2
Flash light / torch ligh          -     10
Electromagnetic Field Meter  Extech     1
Non contact IR Thermometer  Raytek     1
Active shoe external IR light  Sony     1
Metal and Voltage Detector          -     1
IR flood light          -     2
Laser Pointer          -     2
Tripod  Sony     4
Mel Meter 8704R ( emf ) Pro Measures     1
Earphone  Sony     3
Audio Patch Cable          -     1
Sony DSLR A-200k  Sony     1
External Flash-HVL-F36AM  Sony     1
Portable battery pack        -     2
Sony DSLR A-300  Sony     1
Parabolic microphone        -     1
Flash Battery Pack-FA-EB1AM  Sony     1
Mel 8704-Rem  ( emf ) Pro Measures     1
Static E-field detectors  Spectercam     6
Ghost Box 12-587  Radio Shack     2
external ir ( 6 led )  Pomps     4
Geophone  BG Micro     1
Trifield natural em meter  Alphalab     1
k2 emf  Safe Range     2
usb 4 channel av capture  Easy cap     1
Cctv ccd camera ( sony chip )  Sony     2
Ghost meter  Made in US     1
Asus G1 Laptop  Asus     1
30 meter rca cable         -     3
Electromagnetic Field Meter  ELF Zone     1
SB7 spirit box Pro Measures     2
Gaussmaster Emf meter  Dr.Gauss     1
Rem Pod Pro Measures     1
RT-EVP Pro Measures     1
Zoom H1 Pro Voice recorder Samson Tech     1


Professional Sony HDR CX700E


Infra Red Video Recorder : DCR-DVD 708E

Sony HDR - UX5E (Infra Red Video Recorder)

Sony DCR- SR45E HDD (IR video recorder )

Infra Red Video Recorder : DCR-DVD 610E

Sony HDR - UX20E ( Infra Red Video Recorder )


Canon A400 power shot digital camera

Digital Voice Recorder Sony ICD-B500


Digital Voice Recorder Sony ICD-P620

Digital Voice Recorder Sony ICD-PX720


Magnetic voice recorder Sony M-470/B

Natural trifield em meter

Mel 8704R EMF/ temperature / flashlight

Mel 8704-REM



K2 EMF meter



Ghost Box ( Radio Shack 12-587 )



Infra Red Heat/Motion Sensor



Electromagnetic Field Meter ( EMF )



MT-4 Thermal Scanner Infrared Thermometer



Sony Active Shoe External IR light HVL-IRM






Asus G1 Laptop

CCTV ccd ir camera ( sony chip )


Laser Pointer

Stereo to stereo audio cable


Infra red motion sensor


Flash Light


Infra red motion sensor

Sony DSLR Alpha 200k

Sony DSLR Alpha 300

Sony External Flash HVL-F36AM

Portable battery pack


IR motion sensor


Canon Powershot F50


Metal and voltage detector

Infra red ( IR ) Floodlight

Parabolic Microphone

Sony Flash Battery Pack-FA-EB1AM

Electromagnetic Field Meter ( ELF ZONE )


RCA cable

Ghost meter ( EMF )

USB 4 channel av capture

External IR ( 6 leds ) by Pomps



Static E-Field Detectors by Spectercam



SB7 spirit box


Gaussmaster Emf meter


Rem Pod


Zoom H1 pro voice recorder




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