Our Mission

The main aim of The Malaysian Paranormal  Research is to share the documentation through research about the existence of life after death. Our mission is to share information and/ or to help change the perception of peoples’ narrow view about this mysterious world, through scientific research methods using a digital camera, video and audio recording


About Our Research

The Malaysian Paranormal Research collection of non-dust Ghost Orbs, Ecto, Human Shaped Apparitional Ghost Photos, Ghost videos and EVPs is one of the largest collection online in Malaysia . The collection mostly comes from the solo investigations by a  professional ghost researcher and from our professional sub-team investigators based in Ipoh, Perak. The dust orb found on this site is only for comparison purposes.


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Ghost Caught on Video Gallery 2011.

August 29th, 2011 by Arwin John.


These are collections of a ghost caught on video from our research findings for the year 2011.


Click the links below to access a specific research finding:

  1. Private school black apparition

  2. Private school orb in motion

  3. school orb in motion

  4. orb in motion

  5. school orb leaving contrail of motion

  6. school orb

  7. orb in motion

  8. Orb in school

  9. orb in motion

  10. Private school flashing ecto

  11. Private school ectoplasm energy

  12. Private school multiple spirit energy

  13. Orb in motion

  14. School orb in motion

  15. Orb in motion at private school

  16. Multiple orb in motion

  17. Haunted school black ecto

  18. Chinese cemetery glowing orb

  19. Chinese cemetery orb in motion

  20. The great supercharged orb in motion

  21. Indian cemetery orb in motion

  22. Indian cemetery supercharged orb in motion

  23. Batu gajah Chinese cemetery orb in motion

  24. Gunung Rapat Chinese cemetery orb in motion

  25. Chinese cemetery orb in motion

  26. Indian crematorium ecto cloud 

  27. Kellie's castle supercharged orb in motion

  28. Kellie's castle spirit energy

  29. Kellie's castle orb in motion

  30. Kellie's castle black apparition

  31. Sung Choon orb in motion

  32. The great Sung Choon orb in motion

  33. The great Sung Choon apparition

  34. Fast moving spirit shadow

  35. Fast moving spirit ecto cloud

  36. Cemetery black ecto

  37. Cemetery white ecto spirit

  38. Chinese cemetery casper black ecto mist

  39. Kellie's castle strings of spirit energy

  40. Cctv orb in motion

  41. Cctv ectoball in motion

  42. Indian Cemetery ectoball in motion

  43. Indian cemetery orb in motion

  44. Indian cemetery ectoball

  45. Indian cemetery orb in motion

  46. Cemetery orb in motion

  47. Cemetery ectoball

  48. The great orb in motion

  49. Spirit orb in motion

  50. Buntong orb in motion

  51. Shooting orb in motion

  52. Glowing orb in motion

  53. Indian cemetery orb in motion

  54. Fast moving orb in motion

  55. Orb in motion

  56. Fast paced orb in motion

  57. Indian cemetery single orb in motion

  58. Moving orb in motion

  59. The amazing glowing orb in motion

  60. Ground spirit orb in motion

  61. The great sneaky spirit orb in motion

  62. High speed black ecto spirit energy

  63. Corner spirit ecto ball

  64. Speedy black ecto spirit

  65. Social orb in motion

  66. Prominent spirit orb in motion

  67. Amazing spirit ectoball

  68. Chinese cemetery spirit ectoball

  69. Christian cemetery spirit ectoball

  70. Christian cemetery ectoball

  71. The great Christian cemetery orb in motion

  72. Christian cemetery ectoball

  73. Fast paced ectoball

  74. Prominent spirit ectoball

  75. Fast moving orb in motion

  76. Upper corner spirit ectoball

  77. Spirit orb in motion

  78. Glowing orb in motion

  79. Spirit orb

  80. Spirit ectoball

  81. Parking lot spirit orb in motion

  82. The return of the spirit ectoball

  83. Multiple spirit orb in motion

  84. Shooting spirit orb

  85. Launching spirit orb

  86. Fast moving spirit orb in motion

  87. Illuminated spirit orb in motion

  88. Spirit orb in motion

  89. Spirit orb in motion heading upwards

  90. Indian cemetery shooting spirit orb

  91. Indian cemetery ghost orb in motion

  92. Indian cemetery ectoball in motion

  93. Indian cemetery crematorium orb in motion

  94. Split second spirit orb in motion

  95. Cemetery orb in motion

  96. Indian crematorium spirit orb

  97. Corner spirit ectoball

  98. Fast spirit orb in motion

  99. Spirit orb in motion takes a turn

  100. The great spirit orb in motion

  101. Indian cemetery glowing spirit orb in motion

  102. Indian cemetery spirit orb in motion

  103. Prominent spirit orb in motion

  104. Indian cemetery crematorium spirit ectoball

  105. The spirit ectoball and spirit orb in motion

  106. Spirit orb in motion

  107. Diving spirit orb in motion

  108. Parking lot diving spirit orb in motion

  109. Ghost orb in motion

  110. Radiating ghost orb in motion

  111. Crematorium ghost orb in motion

  112. Crematorium spirit ectoball

  113. Close up ghost orb in motion

  114. Christian cemetery shadow people

  115. Christian cemetery black human shaped ecto

  116. Black spirit ecto in Chinese cemetery

  117. Spirit Vortex

  118. K2 emf meter reacts as I communicate with the spirits

  119. K2 meter spirit communication

  120. K2 meter spirit interaction

  121. Ghost communicating through the k2 emf meter

  122. Spirit talk using k2 emf meter

  123. K2 meter as a communication tool with spirit

  124. Using k2 emf meter to get a response from the spirit

  125. Emf meter spikes as we ask the spirit to response

  126. K2 meter spirit manipulation

  127. Pudu jail spirit orb in motion

  128. Pudu jail black apparition

  129. Pudu jail ghost apparition

  130. Pudu jail spirit ecto

  131. The great Pudu jail ghost apparition

  132. Pudu jail supercharged spirit orb in motion

  133. Pudu jail black ecto spirit shadow

  134. Pudu jail vibrant ghost energy

  135. Greatest K2 meter spirit communication

  136. Perlis supercharged orb in motion and vortex

  137. Perlis black spirit apparition

  138. Perlis black spirit apparition returning

  139. Perlis jungle dark apparition

  140. Politeknik Perlis haunted toilet spirit

  141. Longest record breaking spirit apparition

  142. k2 meter spirit communication at perlis